I enjoy acting as a moderator, bringing people together to discuss important issues in the world of energy. Here are some sessions I’ve led recently.

I may be available to moderate at your conference. To discuss, contact me at dferris AT eenews DOT net.












arpa-e session video screenshot

2014 ARPA-e Summit, Washington D.C.: ARPA-e (Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy) is the Energy Department’s innovation arm, funding risky and high-yield ventures. At the 2014 ARPA-e Summit, I moderated a session on innovation at the state level. Representatives from the governments of New York, Massachusetts and California shared how they are cultivating an atmosphere of creativity and risk.











open innovations video screenshot

Open Innovations conference, Moscow: In 2014, I moderated a meeting at Open Innovations, which is Russia’s largest technology conference. This session looked at energy storage, which has the promise of solving a lot of problems in the Russian energy landscape. The panelists included leaders from some of the country’s leading energy companies and technology hubs.