The Scheduling Tango

schedule closeupCreate a childcare schedule for Dubsie for the next two weeks, with the following conditions:

Ferris is in Cuba for a conference from May 25 to the morning of May 29. Mummy is in Boston for her most important conference of the year from noon on June 29 until the mid-afternoon of June 4.  Mummy’s father flies into Washington D.C. the evening of May 26 and leaves the morning of June 2.

Ferris and Mummy’ father, plus Dubsie and Lilia (the au pair) drive from Washington D.C. on the morning of May 30 to suburban New Jersey for the wedding of Mummy’s cousin. At 8 pm that night, Mummy flies from Boston to Newark, and Lilia picks her up. On the evening of May 31, all members of the party drive back to Newark airport, where Ferris and Mummy board a flight to Boston, so Mummy can get back to her conference, and Ferris can do a short but necessary reporting trip.

The evening of May 31, Lilia, Mummy’s father and Dubsie drive back to Washington D.C. On the midmorning of June 2, Ferris flies from Boston to Washington D.C. On the mid-afternoon of June 4, Mummy returns from Boston to Washington D.C.

Ferris and Mummy attempt to work normal business hours when they are at home. Lilia takes care of Dubsie during those hours. However, according to State Department rules, Lilia can work no more than 45 hours a week. She can work no more than 10 hours a day and must have a contiguous 36 hours off per week.

Mummy is a member of the YMCA, which has childcare. Lilia joined the gym on Mummy’s family plan (official documents claim she is Mummy’s spouse). Either Mummy or Lilia can put Dubsie in childcare at the YMCA while they work out. Childcare is available from 9 am to noon and from 5 pm to 8 pm, and can last no longer than two hours.

Submit your full two-week schedule below in the comments.

A sample solution from our kitchen whiteboard is below. Note that the “Flexible Time” label on May 31 does not constitute cheating, since it is cultural immersion for Lilia (at an Indian wedding, wearing a sari). Please don’t say we fudged it, or worse, call us bad parents.



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